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Continuous olive oil plant system is a whole of machinery which comprises equipment starting from the bunker where acceptance is carried out upon harvest of olives and their arrival to the factory to the separator where olive oil is output.

HAUS Continuous Olive Oil Systems are plants developed for clearing the harvested olives from foreign matters without touch of hand and to produce quality natural virgin olive oil. Olive pressing is controlled by the central control panel in both 3 phases and 2 phases. These systems are being improved every other day with the sensors, software and automation in the course of the advancing technology.

Olive oil is produced solely through mechanical methods employing centrifugal force and under controlled conditions and by preserving the quality attributes of olive fruit by satisfying the requirements of cold pressing or other required conditions. The purpose of the continuous system is to preserve the organoleptic properties of oil inside the olive while extracting the major part, to perform a hygienic oil production, to increase capacity per unit area, to obtain a high value product with high yield adopting the understanding of “olive oil for health”.

Although these systems are interconnected, they are divided into three main sections as olive cleaning, olive paste kneading and olive processing sections. Auxiliary units are also available in addition to those.

  • Boutique Olive Oil Production
  • PLUS Series
  • OLEAPHENOL High Polyphenol Olive Oil Production Plant



Decanter Centrifuge technology offers high capacity, low cost and fast solutions in almost all process and industrial areas (over 2500 applications) that can be separated from each other by density difference. This technology achieves this by efficiently separating the solid and liquid phases (solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid) found in the processed products.

  • Environment Applications · E Series
  • Food Applications · F Series
  • Industrial Applications · I Series



Centrifugal separators are intended for mechanical separation of solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid suspensions. Separators are widely used in olive oil, dairy products, food and beverage production, juice production, oil refining and oil recovery. The separators consist of the bowl group rotating at high speed, the drive mechanism that moves the bowl group and a frame construction carrying these elements. HAUS separators ensure the continuous and rapid removal of solids during the process of separation of the feed product into phases. HAUS separators ensure that solid particles are removed from the bowl group by discharging unwanted solid particles quickly and without interrupting the product feed during the process of separation of the feed product into phases. Thanks to its high centrifugal force and fast discharge systems, it saves time and energy. Minimum particle size that can be separated is directly related to the viscosity of the fluid, density difference between phases, capacity and the design of the selected separator. Based on its extensive process knowledge and experience, HAUS provides the most suitable separator model for its customers. This enables solid particle separation up to 1 μm in specific processes.

  • Dairy Applications · D Series
  • Industrial Applications · I Series
  • Food Applications · F Series



HAUS Turbo Blower is a high-speed, permanent magnet compressor with magnetic bearings and uses the most advanced technology on the market.Blowers and Air Compressors are extensively used in the ventilation pools of wastewater treatment plants. These can also be used in all processes that needs aeration.Magnetic bearing technology now provide energy savings up to 40% in terms of operational cost in respect to conventional technology.

  • Medium Pressure · M Series
  • High Pressure · H Series



Screw press consist of: screw conveyor for continuous discharge of sludge, inclined bowl, both moving and stationary discs, variable screw speed and variable torque.

Screw Press is made of a cylinder containing the screw, moving and stationary discs, solid chamber, motor and gear. A strong and self standing chasis support the working parts, together with flow accessories and safety components. Screw Press has many features to increase the dryness, the solid handling and the cleaning, like: -the power is adjusted automatically to the compression profile, mantaining the required dryness for every changing condition.